• What is skydiving?

It's more than a jump from perfectly good airplane and land safely on the ground. It is a multidisciplinary outline sport that includes more than a dozen different ways  

  • What is a tandem?

Tandem is a variation of conventional skydiving, in which a person jumps with an instructor attached by a harness. It requires a brief training session on the ground, where various aspects of the jump, mainly related to security are explained.  

  • Who can jump in tandem?

Anyone, even if they do not have knowledge of skydiving. Men, women and even children can jump if they meet the height and weight requirements.  


  • Can I jump by myself?

No, until you are a certified skydiver you will need to jump with a certified instructor, even if you have previously done tandem jump.  


  • What is the minimum weight to jump and what is the maximum weight?

The minimum weight is 35 kilos and 100 kilos maximum  


  • What is the maximum height?

No minimum or maximum heights and provided they comply with the weight limits above.  


  • ¿ Physical and / or medical limitations to jump?

If you have physical problems such as knees, spine, hips etc. you should consult your doctor before you jump. This includes other conditions such as a heart condition or hypertension.  


  • Can minors jump?

Yes, children can jump, as long as your parent or guardian sign as responsible for you and provide a copy of official identification.  


  • How long does my experience last?

Approximately one hours. Example:  

If your jump is at 12:00 pm you must arrive 60 minutes before so you can receive your skydive briefing. You will be put in a harness and taken to the aircraft. The aircraft will fly to 10,000 feet (3 miles) and you will then jump with your instructor. You will free fall at about 200 km per hour for about 40 seconds.  


  • What type of aircraft is used by Skydivemex?

We use a AirVan. The aircraft is specially adapted for skydiving and can accommodate 8 passengers.  


  • Where do we take off and where do we land?

We take off from the airfield in Playa del Carmen and land on the beach in front of Reef Hotel.  



  • How many people can make the jump with me in the same load? 3 people doing tandem can jump on the same aircraft load.


  • What kind of clothes should we wear?

Wear comfortable clothes, nothing too baggy. Women, to avoid exposure wear a t-shirt and leggings. Closed Shoes are preferable  


  • What can’t we bring on the jump?

No glasses, hats, wallets or keys ... nothing you can leave your bags NO cameras, video cameras or cellphones.  


  • Can I eat before jump?

Eat a light meal 2 hours before your jump  


  • Can I jump if I have scuba dive before?

Please do not come to skydive less than 24 hours after your dive.  


  • How long does the skydive takes?

About 40 second freefall and 5-6 minutes under the parachute 18.  


Can I share a video with my friend, relative or companion?  

NO, each passenger, each tandem, will need its own videographer to capture images of each freefall and landing. Before take-off and during instruction the videographer can get some shots of you with your friends.  



No alcohol 24 hours before your jump  

     Eat a light meal 2 hours before your jump  

Wear comfortable clothing, nothing too baggy. Closed Shoes No glasses, hats, wallets or keys... nothing you can leave your bags NO cameras, no video cameras, no phone.  

If you dived before jumping less than 24 hours, may NOT jump.