Skydivemex | Skydive in Playa del Carmen

Skydivemex History

SkydiveMex came out of a dream. The dream of flying above the most beautiful locations in Mexico.

The first location where we assembled our drop zone was in Puerto Vallarta, back in 2012, with the collaboration of world renowned skydiving experts and professionals. Since then, we skydived above Puerto and Nuevo Vallarta, Punta Mita, Bucerias, San Blas, Yelapa, Sayulita, Chamela and a few more mesmerizing locations.

SkydiveMex is growing more and more each year that goes by and we are currently skydiving in Playa del Carmen, right where the Caribbean ocean meets the whitest sands of the Riviera Maya.

Today, SkydiveMex is an iconic dropzone, thanks to some of the most experienced instructors in the world who we daily and proudly work with, thanks to their friendliness and devoted passion for the sport. Also, and undoubtedly, thanks to the epic skydiving events we organize for experienced jumpers, known as the “Pachanga” and the ”Pachangon”.